From Step to Step

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This text is an example of a mediumistic retrospective. To the unbiased reader, it is nevertheless a credible account, which a penitent human soul from the beyond has given to a receptive medium. It is an impressive testimony to the fact that every person must unfailingly reap what he has sown, but at the same time we also learn about the wonderful assistance that is always available to lead repentant human beings out of their errors. In addition, the experiences of the people concerned show that personal connections and entanglements persist even in the hereafter and also continue during a later reincarnation on earth, until all the impediments have been overcome and the wrongs righted.
The text appeared originally in 1911 under the German title ‘Aus der Erniedrigung aufwärts’ (Out of Humiliation Upwards). In 2001 it was published under the title ‘Von Stufe zu Stufe’ (From Step to Step). In 2008 it was serialised in the magazine ‘GrailWorld’ (from issue 13) under the title ‘From Step to Step’.
This publication is arranged into chapters according to the instalments in the series.

Acquisitiveness is the root of many an evil! – This truth, which, unfortunately, I came to recognise too late and only as a result of my own grim experiences, I want to set as a heading for the following story of my misconduct, my worries and suffering, my struggles and my quest to raise myself up from the humiliation into which I had not only plunged myself but also another human being, who suffered even more than I did.
How peculiar it is to look back onto a past, which lies so far behind me that I could simply leave it resting there – it is a blessing that I can do that – on recollections that have long been forgotten, but which can emerge at will in the harsh light of reality; memories so weighty, so sinister, that they continue to reverberate like an oppressive spectre in a ghastly dream, from which one would like to scream oneself awake without being able to do so.
Why do I keep recalling these images, which step pale and hollow-eyed before me and stare at me? Why? I am not one of those who like to revel in their own suffering; on the contrary, I am pleased and grateful to jettison them. Nor do I recall them to mind for any reasons of mine; no, but only that they may serve to warn and enlighten other wanderers in eternity. I have imposed it on myself as a punishment to disclose these recollections to everyone who wants to read these lines, regardless of whether the reader puts the book aside with a disdainful shrug or if the contents cause his heart to bleed. The story of my life was not one from which one could write an exciting novel. I wish to unroll just a few segments and sketch some personality traits that I once represented; you can then fill in the countours as you see fit. I want to
take you through the labyrinth of my memories. Just be aware that what will be revealed to you did not happen yesterday; more than a century lies between what I am about to relate and now.

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Author Oscar Busch
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